Saturday, October 31, 2009

nov1017 - chiffon top with frills


material: chiffon

nov1016 - 1 shoulder big bow dress

RM89.90 (comes in
pink, electric blue &

nov1015 - toga lycra dress

RM89.90 (comes in
blue, white & grey)
RM39.90 (belt comes in white & black with gold studs)

nov1014 - sweet floral spagetti strap top

RM69.90 (comes in

pink, green & blue)

nov1013 - pin striped blouse with mini bow

RM69.90 (belt included)

size S & M



nov1009 - printed 2 tone peplum dress

RM79.90 (comes in black/grey & black/green)

nov1008 -

RM79.90 (comes in blue, pink & green)

nov1007 - polka dot dress with bow

RM79.90 (comes in pink & blue)

nov1006 - 2 tone rose dress with zipper details at the back

back view with zipper details


comes in 2 different
flower print

nov1005 -

RM79.90 (comes in black & red)

nov1003 - tie-dye 2 tone dress

RM69.90 (comes in electric blue, pink & black)

nov1002 - crochet tube dress

RM99.90 (comes in whire, light yellow & light pink)

nov1001 - 2 tone denim belted dress

RM79.90 (belt included)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OCT1142 - halter 2 tone floral dress

RM99.90 (comes in blue/black & beige/black)

OCT1141 - lycra toga dress

RM109.90 (dress)
RM39.90 (belt- coems in white, beige & black)

OCT1140 - denim tube dress with ruffles & eyelet details


comes in light blue denim,

blue denim & light purple


belt RM39.90

OCT1140 - 4tone block dress

RM39.90 (belt- comes in beige, black & red)

OCT1139 - 2tone round neck tiered dress

RM69.90 (comes in black/white & black/grey)

OCT1138 two-tone floral thick strap dress

RM79.90 (dress)
RM29.90 (belt)

OCT1137 - plunigng neckline lycra dress tight at hem

RM79.90 (comes in grey & black)
RM49.90 (belt- comes in beige, brown & black)

OCT1136 chiffon printed dress with black lace details

RM89.90 (comes in grey & orange)
RM39.90 (belt)

OCT1135 knot strap lycra mini v-neck dress


comes in blue &


OCT1134 halter dress with big flower details & beads

RM69.90 (comes in white & black)

OCT1133 two-tone off shoulder dress with tie front

RM99.90 (comes in blue/black & grey black)
size S & M

OCT1132 - floral maxi dress

RM69.90 (dress)

RM39.90 (belt)

OCT1131 striped dress wit bow

RM69.90 (comes in grey, white & black)



OCT1129 floral dress tie at shoulder

RM79.90 (dress)
RM39.90 (belt)

OCT1129 butterfly printed dress


OCT1128 pin striped blouse dress with tie front

RM79.90 (comes in white & light green)

OCT1127 halter dress with tie front

RM109.90 (comes in whtie & black)
size S & M

OCT1124 satin tube dress with black lace details

RM99.90 (comes in white & red)
material: satin

OCT1123 floral v neck dress tie at shoulder


OCT1121 boat neck 2 tone dress with pin stripes & floral details